Solo Collection
Your Vacation, Your Way

Solo Collection
Who says you can’t have all the fun?

Not us! Travelling solo has its perks.

By day, plunge into crystal-clear waters; by night, slip on your dancing shoes to do the merengue under the stars. And why not order your favourite snack in the middle of the night with free room service?

Oh, and did we mention that Transat won for offering the best all-inclusive vacation packages at the 2017 Solo Travel Awards?

Solo Collection hotels are available in 19 Sun destinations in Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Contact your UNIGLOBE Travel consultant to ensure you book the best one for you!

Solo Collection Benefits

No single 
Free Wi-Fi2 Communal table for
sharing meals3
Free room service3
1Limited number of rooms.   2Some restrictions may apply.  3Where available.

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According to Dee Brun, Blogger
"I was unsure at first about traveling alone, would I pay more? Eat by myself? Look out of place? The Transat Solo Collection set my mind at ease and made traveling solo one of the most relaxing and enjoyable vacations I have had."
- Dee Brun