Travel Stories | Thailand

Now there are Food Adventure Tours for Vegans, Too

Vegan travel can be a challenge. In some favorite destinations, a bag of nuts in your bag at all times is essential to keep hunger away... read more

Amazing Thailand

2018 is “Amazing Thailand Tourism Year,” which is designed to further strengthen the Thai tourism industry by making it more sustainable, focus on quality tourism and... read more

8 Things Everyone should do in Thailand

It was hard figuring out which direction to go in - so many places to see, food to eat and new things to try. So,... read more

This is Thailand’s Dreamiest National Park and nobody seems to know about it...

After endless google searches, countless Instagram stalking and many screenshots later - I was convinced I was travelling somewhere untouched. Intrigued? Just keep reading... Firstly,... read more

3 Minutes in Thailand

Located just 15 degrees north of the equator, “Amazing Thailand” is one of Southeast Asia’s premier travel destinations and home to well-known tourist locations including... read more

Longstays in Thailand - A Trip of a Lifetime

Long stay vacations (extended vacations of 2 or more weeks in the same place) are gaining popularity, particularly for Canadians looking to escape the long winter. With... read more

Thailand: A Seaside Paradise

The Indochinese peninsula is a magical land ranking second to none. Two oceans run parallel to the coastline spanning an impressive distance of more than... read more