Plan ahead like a Pro with the Flight Pass for Business

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 Plan ahead like a Pro with the Flight Pass for Business

Choose from any of 32 zones in North America* in a Flex, Latitude or Business Class fare and get up to 30 extra flight credits. Purchase by October 15, 2017.

Simplify your budget and corporate travel needs with an Air Canada Flight Pass for Business – a convenient and cost-effective prepaid package of one-way flight credits designed to work for corporations of any size.

Price per flight guaranteed, even for last-minute travel.
Easy online booking, changes and cancellations on the Flight Pass self-service tool.
No blackout dates or seat availability restrictions.

*Eligible zones are: Alberta Commuter, Vancouver Commuter, Halifax Commuter, Toronto City Airport, Rapidair, Halifax, Western Commuter, Ontario, Prairies Commuter, British Columbia Commuter, New York Commuter, Maritimes, Western USA, Atlantic, Western Canada, Quebec–Ontario Connector, Central Regional, Quebec, Prairies Regional, Western USA Plus, Eastern Triangle–Northeast and Midwest USA, Eastern Canada–Northeast and Midwest USA, Eastern Triangle–Southeast USA and Texas, Oil Regional, Western Triangle–Northeast and Midwest USA, East West Connector, Eastern Triangle–Western USA, Eastern Canada, Eastern Canada–Southeast USA and Texas, Oil Continental, Transcontinental and North America. International zones are not eligible for this offer.

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