Video: Camping in the Los Padres National Forest, CA

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See the vistas seen in a forest found in central and southern California in our featured vid of the day.

Comprising most of the mountains located along the coast of California, starting from Ventura to Monterey, the Los Padres National Forest allows travelers to camp on its ground provided that a National Forest Adventure Pass is shown during parking. You can get this online or from local visitor centers and merchants in Southern California.

Nonetheless, see for yourself the beauty that waits for you when camping in the Los Padres National Forest, CA in this awesome clip shot by Ariel Bravy, who further shares,

Sights and scenery camping at Raspberry Springs (6657 ft.) and the ridge atop Reyes Peak (7058 ft.) in the Los Padres National Forest about 2-3 hours north of Los Angeles, CA. I camped in this area for 30 days from June 21 - July 20, 2010. What an experience..

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